Minus 5 Points for Douchebagery


So, something jerked me out of my despondency yesterday.  I had a student come up to me at the end of class and complain about the extra credit.  Now, lemme explain.  Extra credit is. not. mandatory.  Extra credit is made to help people make up for missed assignments, like said student, who missed an assignment because she went on vacation.  I do not discriminate–anyone can do my extra credit for any reason.  And I give ample opportunities, too, because not everyone can do every event.  Usually the amount to something simple, like attending a (free) campus event.  Hard, right?

This is my fourth extra credit opportunity.  So if I say that the group of students who creates the best project gets the extra credit, so be it. It’s extra.  I could tell them they had to hold their breath while standing on their head if I wanted to, because it’s not required.  So when my student came up to me and complained because she protests making it competitive, my first response was “are you f*cking kidding me?”

I didn’t actually say that, however.  I just said “oh?”  And when she continued to say how she might not get the extra credit because she might not try as hard as some other person and she needed it because she had left for vacation and blah blah, it took extra willpower not to roll my eyes.  I started to tear up with the effort.

What kind of asshat complains about what amounts to a gift?  It’s not like any of the others were competitive, and there’s been a ton of options.  Seriously?  What the hell else do people feel it’s okay to bitch about?

If someone gives you a gift and you don’t like it, you say thank you and move on.  Appreciate that someone is trying to make your life a more pleasant place, jackass.  And this shit knows no bounds.  I see people complain about all sorts of stupid stuff. Which is what makes them asshats.

But really, I find it’s a lot worse in class.  My job is to teach.  This isn’t kindergarten, it’s not middle school, it’s college.  I’m there to expand peoples knowledge and skills, not stroke egos or entertain.  And when I do something to show that I do care, that I do realize not everyone can be a perfect student, I damned well don’t think they should complain about it.  College is for adults.  If you can’t act like one, stay home and watch Dora the Explorer or something.


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