Manic-Depressive Marshmallowism


Today was a serious high and low today…in the world of hearts, stars, horseshoes and diamonds.  After lunch I went to Sam’s club with my hubby.  He was looking for turkeys to test out for thanksgiving (he built his own smoker and needs to fine tune it) and I was looking for baking stuff.  Everyone needs 4 pounds of chocolate chips, right?

On the way out, I mumbled something about getting some cereal.  Then I saw the most holy of treats…a giant box of Lucky Charms for the price of a regular one!  I was in heaven!  I was riding a serious high, sliding all through the store on my super slick shoes.  I admit, there might have been some caffeine mixed in my bloodstream, too.

And then I finished out the rest of my day, super stoked that I would indeed have cereal again for breakfast the next day.  And then I got home.

My husband was standing by the door, holding a cereal bag in his hand.  That last bag of cereal I mentioned a few weeks ago, where I ate the last 2 bowls worth of marshmallows.  See, I left the incriminating bag of multigrain bits in the cabinet.  I couldn’t just throw it away, but I didn’t want to eat it without the marshmallow goodness!

And there was no denying it.  In a household of two people, I could not lie.  So went to plan B: Pathetic-ness:

My husband is not convinced or swayed.  He cannot believe I actually ate that many marshmallows.  I try to explain that there weren’t really that many in there.  I mean, for every cup of cereal, there’s what…8 marshmallows? Almost nothing.  My husband is threatening to hold this against me.  So I throw out the Big Guns:

Okay, not the tears, but the sad puppy-dog eyes.  I’m feeling guilty, but in a serious i-got-caught kinda way.  I am chastised.  I promise not to do this with the new box. Even though it’s a totally normal thing that no one else has the guts to do.

But later, I find I am not alone!  I am vindicated!  Someone has created a Lucky Charms Marshmallow Sifter! The creative genius of the human mind knows no bounds.

PS. My husband was not impressed.  And he has told me to pass on that any friends who make me such a device will be bodily harmed.


2 thoughts on “Manic-Depressive Marshmallowism

  1. hoops and such

    I dump all of the cereal into large tupperware containers and trash the box, that way, I can eat all the marshmallows I want. Try it!

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