That dreaded sound


I’ll keep this one brief.

First, it’s the first weekend I’ve actually taken off at all in ages.
And I have a guest staying over (yay!).  I must clean the house.

Then I need to go out and get some food.  You know, important stuff–butter, milk, chocolate chips.  But first I have to leave the house.  Leaving a puppy that has recently figured out that car trips are fun.  Leaving a puppy that has figured out me picking up my keys means car time, and immediately runs to the door.

Immediate guilt.  f*ck.

I determine to buy the doggy a treat while I am gone.  As I am browsing through the aisles of the store, I start humming.  It takes me a minute to realize that I’m humming a Christmas song that’s playing over the loud speakers.  I look around.  There’s Christmas crap everywhere in the aisles.  The next five songs in the store that play are all holiday music.  The season I dread has begun.  This is the unwelcome dawn of commercialized christmas muzak.


2 thoughts on “That dreaded sound

  1. Risa

    Halloween straight to Christmas; November must feel at least slightly jilted. Meanwhile, Mr. Cute-Spaz-Attack is very much on to you. Watching. Waiting. Waaaaatching. Pounce.

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