My Evil Cat (part 3)


This is in regards to previous posts (1 and 2) about my cats trying to kill me.  And just for you folks that didn’t believe me from my post yesterday, here you go.  Last night as soon as I got my toothbrush out this is what I see:

That’s right.  That is my cat trying to cleverly hide herself behind the faucet as she lies in wait for me to wet the toothbrush.  She jumped up as soon as I opened the cabinet.  Luckily, she doesn’t have a good grasp of physics and space relations when it comes to hiding, but it doesn’t really matter–the twerp can still swipe my brush with amazing accuracy, even midjump as I shoo her off the counter.  I admit this time I added the green eyes this time, simply because my cellphone is not capable of recording evil with color accuracy.

10 pounds of terror, I tell you…


3 thoughts on “My Evil Cat (part 3)

  1. I don’t think most cat owners get cats for trust…I think they get them because the live on the edge. How much more adrenaline can you get in everyday life than a being that wants you dead unless they want you to pet them?

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