My Face, the New Friskies


So this evening my husband and I were watching some show about Comicon in New York and speed dating.  It was fascinating watching some dude dressed up as Boba Fet make small talk with random anime chicks.  Some of these guys and gals were so socially awkward it hurt to watch them, bless their nerdy little hearts.  And I’m not judging!  That wasn’t sarcasm–if I’d lived anywhere that had cosplay or larping or any of that as a kid, I probably woulda been there. Just without the stammering and they eyes glued to the floor.

During a commercial break my husband said that no one at his workplace believed he was a D&D geek as a kid.  I thought about it for a second before I spoke.  Most of the people he works with are very early 20’s, if that, so their reference point is different.  These days, being a true geek takes effort.  Back in the day, you either liked Star Trek or Miami Vice, you know?  Geek or jock.  Now we’ve got scifi all over popular culture, so just knowing the names of your captains doesn’t do the trick anymore.

Combining scifi dating and boob jokes? Why yes, I think I shall.

I myself was a closet geek.  I read Xmen comics religiously, had trading cards, read every scifi/fantasy book I could get my grubby little hands on.  But none of my close friends knew this, I think.  I wasn’t ashamed of it, it just didn’t come up in conversation.  We were too busy figuring out who was going to host the next drunkfest.  At the tender age of sixteen.  Maybe fifteen.

That’s right boys and girls, I played with the fast and loose crowd.  And I will have all you tsk-ers out there, we ALL had 3.8 or higher gpas, were all in honors classes, and we all still studied our hearts out.  And no one ever drove, so we weren’t endangering anything but our livers.  No drugs or anything like that.  Don’t hate.

Last year I saw one of my old highschool buddies on a visit to southern California, and when describing our group to my husband, I said that we had fun but weren’t really the popular crowd.  My friend just turned and looked at me like I was crazy.  “What?  We were theater and artsy kids,” I said.

“Yeah,” he replied,  “And we had wild parties that everyone wanted to be at.  Don’t you remember how excited people who weren’t in our group were to be invited along?  We were the cool kids.”  And you know, I’d never really thought of it like that.  Some how I’d simply thought everyone was doing the same wild and crazy stuff we were.  We actually were the shiznit.

I still hold to that mentality now–I never think I’m well liked.  I’m one of those people who actually fear death…not because of dying, but because I’m afraid no one will notice and my cats will eat my face off.  Pleasant visual!  But I can put that fear to rest, because I have a husband.  But wait.  Girls generally outlive guys…dammit.  I need a serious plan B here.

2 thoughts on “My Face, the New Friskies

  1. i saw a captioned picture recently that actually gave me a slightly different perspective on these comicons and other events (never been to, probably never will)… what’s hotter, seeing a “nerdy” girl dressed up in some fantasy [read: revealing] character outfit or a regular girl in a baggy football jersey? i think now i’d have to choose the first one (though this statement is not confirmed in my subconscious yet)

    btw, throw your kitteh at the wall like this

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