Khaki Pants Belong In Purgatory. Or Iowa.


First off, I think a few of you have noticed that I’ve bumped from posting Tuesdays to Wednesdays.  Not sure if it’s going to keep up that way, since I haven’t started the semester yet, so keep checking back for the next few weeks until I get my new hours ironed out.  On a related note, I apologize for not commenting on my peeps blogs, but I’ll get back to it soon.

So…I won’t be able to comment this week because I’m outta here. And I’m not taking my laptop because it’s just too big to lug around when I know there won’t be wifi.  Visiting the folks in the lovely midwest.  You’d think it’s cowboy hats and pick up trucks, but not for city folk.  Let’s hope I don’t go mad from the flocks of people wearing gap and old navy.  You think I kid, but that much beige can kill.

My other problem is the cold.  I hate that crap.  I have bad circulation.  My poor toes can be ice cold under 5 layers of socks.  In summer.  This, I have decided, is God’s way of telling me to live in the Bahamas.  What I really need you to do is cross your fingers that I make it back on time without being snowed in.  Or delayed.  Please lord, don’t let me be stuck forever in Denver Airport…


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