Suggestive Gestures


So, the last few weeks I’ve been playing a little bit.  I’ve been creating posts with double entendres for the titles.  And every time I put anything with vaginas or boobies in the title, my stats SKY ROCKET.  I wasn’t sure what to think.  First, I was all “you naughty people.”  Then I was all “why on earth are you using wordpress to look up porn topics?” And then I decided perhaps people were clever enough to realize my silly tactic and clicked as a silent thumbs for my total lack of follow through.  I still haven’t made up my mind, but I’ve decided to keep pushing your buttons.  Oh, snap!  Another innuendo!

Anyways, here’s a series of images.  I was actually looking in the mirror, so the images a a tad more realistic than usual.  But what do you think?  I find them very suggestive.

1. That hand is suspect…lets hope the invisible man isn’t there.

2. If this is a face during the act itself, I never want to see it.

3. Could be sexy, could be every duck face facebook snapshot on the planet.

4. Nope.  None of it was sexy.  Just the series of expressions as I sneeze.

See, I’d been skyping with a friend and it shows a mini version of yourself in a video box, so I saw the exaggerated series of expressions on my face.  I thought they were pretty hilarious for some reason, and my brilliant mind connected how closely they could resemble expressions you make doing the horizontal mambo.

Real mature, I know.

But there you are.

At my blog.

You should know better.


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