Bad Kitteh!


Sooo…I’m kinda pissed at kitteh.  Because of her, I have to go to the Apple store.  Now, I like the Apple store.  I like buying shiny happy things.  I do not like having to replace shiny happy things.  Which is what I will be doing, because Kitteh ate my power cord from my macbook.  Chewed straight through the cord.

This next cord is going to be entirely dipped in bitter apple and then dusted in chili powder.  That bitch is going to have to earn that next power cord.  The horrible thing is, I already have chili powder on the corners of my coffee table, bookshelf, bathroom cabinet and windowsills.  Thats right people, my crazy-ass cat decided she was too bored one day and ATE 2 INCHES of windowsill.

I have deduced that the reason she didn’t get any splinters in her tummy is because SHE IS FILLED WITH THE FIRES OF HELL ITSELF.

Update: In the week between me writing this down and me actually posting it, she also ate my iphone cord, speaker cord, and a pair of earbuds.  Pretty much every wire I own has teeth marks in them.  She gets play time.  And food.  And a puppy to chew on, so she’s not abused, folks.  She is just evil.  Every time I let my guard down and try to get comfy, I am reminded by some dumbass, destructive behavior that my kitteh is, in fact, satanspawn.

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