What I Think of My Husband’s Taste In Movies


Some people have bad days when it comes to movie choices.  My best friend once chose “A Portrait of A Lady” and I have still never forgiven him for that awful, soul sucking waste of time.  Or the time he made me see “Mother.”  My husband usually does better.  But by some odd dichotomy, he chose two polar opposites that night: “Midnight in Paris,” a highbrow Woody Allen flick, and “Your Highness,” one long fart joke. I love spoofs, but I like spoofs like “A Princess Bride,” or “Blazing Saddles.”  My husband described “Your Highness” as something someone wrote when they were really high and really drunk.  And yet he refused to change the channel.   This is something that I will never understand.  Is it a male thing?  Is it some attempt to fully extract the entire dollar amount he paid to redbox?  I personally think he just loved the torture he was putting me through.  

11 thoughts on “What I Think of My Husband’s Taste In Movies

  1. Samir

    Isn’t it awful when someone won’t stop watching a horrible flick? I used to be that way too until I finally mustered up the courage to say to myself ‘it’s ok… you don’t have to finish it, you really don’t’. And I did this even when watching by myself 😉

    • Well, do you hold the remote hostage when a bad movie come on? Because if you do, you need to reward him with some cookies or a belly rub or something. My hubby doesn’t actually *like* belly rubs, but I give them to him in a patronizing way just to prove a point. 😀

  2. I can relate. My husbandand I battled a war of the remote contol last night, toggling between Daytona 500 and the Golden Girls. I won — he finally gave up and moved down to the basement. I felt bad, but Daytona was too important for me to miss . . .

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