Ice Ice Baby Too Cold


Next week will be iffy on the posting.  Mainly because I will be waiting on a fridge, and Best Buy has one of those lovely “it could show up anywhere between 7 am to 7pm” policies.  Of course, they did have the best price and sale, so I can’t really complain, I guess.  But I will anyways, because we all have talents and it’s a shame to waste them. 🙂

Most of all, I loathe my current fridge.  Because it doesn’t work.  It’s only cold-ish, not really cold, and only because we have been putting dry ice in it every day for the last week as we wait for our fridge to show up.  What kills me is that our defunct fridge was made in 2009!  We bought it from a warehouse, where floor models go because of cosmetic stuff.  It had a ding on the side.  No biggie.

What DID end up being a biggie is after a year (almost a day to the warantee expiring, btw) it went from super cold to warm to super cold to constantly warm.  We had a guy come out and look at it, and the compressor wasn’t working, with only 1/3 of the coils working, so it’s not keeping temp.  The mechanic seemed to think the warehouse people had to know about it, since it seems they put more coolant in there.  Grrrr.

So we’ve been hunting for a new one, and went to town for the President’s Day sales.  I looked at so many fridges.  So many I couldn’t afford.  How were we paying for this, anyways?  Oh, our shiny, happy tax refund.  Bu-bye refund.  Bu-bye, now.  *sob*

Now, since we got our last fridge on discount, it came with an awesome water filter (very needed in our area) and an ice thingy!  You know, you push a button and ice comes out.  I have never had this before, and I am now hooked.  And in a new fridge, I cannot afford it.  It’s so cruel.

Right now I’m living off of crackers and carrots because anything in our fridge is very suspect.  And in the future I won’t have an ice despenser (that’s the word!).  I just can’t justify an extra 400 dollars to have one, but I’ve been dreaming of instant ice.  I’ve been weeping over my loss.  I’m not sure how I will survive on 3 puny icecube trays.  I might just go crazy, like I do in my dreams…


8 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby Too Cold

  1. Holy shit, are we related? This sounds like something I would have written. I know exactly what you mean about the ice thing. They have an ice crusher at Bed Bath and Beyond that the customers rave about (i know, because I worked there) but when I tried it, I found it to be el sucko. Clearly, they are not true ice junkies like myself. I really, really feel your pain. I am so sorry.

    That sucks about the warehouse thing too. Husband and I had to replace our microwave this last year and it was like being at the Olympics of Ineptitude. I actually took a picture of all the salespeople staring at us because I was raving like a maniac a month later when they still hadn’t shown up to install the thing. I took their picture and they said not a word.

    I am so sorry. On the plus side (and I know, this is a sad plus) you can get ice cube trays on amazon in the shape of Homer Simpson’s head. Hopefully this will soften the blow of having to rely on tray ice.

    Lettuce Be Clear

    • I KNOW, right? I actually started questioning each store on delivery dates and they all looked at me like I was asking them to decipher the Mayan calendar or something. (And after reading your kitchen hump story a while ago, I too, thought we could be related.) And Homer icecubes might be cool, but actually it was this icecube tray that started making me okay with the world again:
      I mean, Han Solo in Carbonite? How awesome would that be in my iced tea?!

  2. I bought a used ice machine (counter top model, doesn’t need to be plumbed) on ebay for $80 (I believe that was including shipping) several years ago. It finally died last year. You can buy a brand new one for less than $200. Trust me, once you have one, you will be spoiled spoiled spoiled. My husband moans daily about the loss of our ice machine. We can’t afford to buy another right now.

    Ice machines rock!

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