Let’s Cough Up A Lung!


You know, I’ve let a lot of things slide.  I’ve stopped commenting on most blogs, simply because I’m so beat by the end of the day.  Hell, I’m beat when I wake up, just because I only sleep an hour at a time in between coughing fits.  I don’t spend the usual gazillion extra hours at work.  I’m letting my studmuffin take our puppy on all of the walks lately, so I’m missing prime spaz time.  I’m just so tired.  I figured out why I’ve been sick for almost 8 weeks now.  Well, my doctor did.  I have bronchitis!

Insert false enthusiasm here

The doc gave me some drugs, and if it doesn’t work it means I have a different sort of bronchitis and I have to get new drugs.  To top it all off, I popped my rib back out of place coughing today.  So I’m a little less than stellar right now.  Hence my whiney post from yesterday.  My bad.

But since I have a diagnosis, I’m going to milk it for whatever I can get while I sit here looking pathetic, coughing myself to death at 4 a.m.  So pity me, people.  Pity me.  And shower my blog with false compliments and praise for my bravery.  Or shower me with fancy chocolates.  Or lotsa money.  I’m not picky…

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