A Picture is Worth a Thousand Teen Idols


So, I quilt on occasion.  I don’t quilt well, mind you, but good enough to fool someone who’s never sewn before.   A quilt of mine keeps me warm, has modern fabrics, and washes for a few years before it is destroyed.  That’s enough for me.  But I have this quilt I’ve been working on for-flipping-ever, and I want it done.  But as always, I wanted new fabric.  Because fabric is cooool.

So I go to the quilt store.  I was looking for a cute-but-not-toddler owl pattern, so I went to the specialty/oddball fabric aisle and I saw this and was aghast:

Maybe it’s because when I was a kid I had posters of Wham and bands with actual adult males in them…I just don’t understand sweating over a boy who still looks 12, when I didn’t even dream over them when I was 12.  I dunno.

What I do know is this does not need to exist.  Ever.  In any universe.  And when I saw it…


4 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Teen Idols

  1. Perhaps they are trying to offset a serious backslide in sales of quilting fabrics by climbing onto a popular bandwagon, firstly, and secondly, engaging a younger demographic. To which I would say, back to the drawing board, guys 🙂

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