Phone It In? Moi?


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, can you take credit for it?  “Dude, I worked my ass off to get that tree to fall.  I mean, I tore at it with my bare hands until it went down.  Fortunately, I have a great manicurist…”

Maybe not.  I’ve been so icky sick that I’ve been typing up posts as I go–no cache of ideas for me!  And as I was gone for a week, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to come up with my next idea, and I try my darnest to post twice a week.  Something my incredibly miniscule elite following appreciates.  I’m sure of it.  Which is why I have this for you, instead of a blank page. I have held onto this for a while, in case of emergency. I’m exhausted and lazy.  That makes this an emergency.  So here we go:

Hey guys!  I was nominated for 2 awards!  Woot!  Woot!

People like you encourage my delusions of grandeur.

For Better Genius, a disturbing mix of sarcasm and philosophy (give it a try, you know you wanna) gave me a Liebster Award!  From what I was able to research (aka google) the Liebster award means your favorite blogs with under 200 followers in a specific category.  So take THAT PROM QUEEN!  I GOT MY OWN CROWN!

Then Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind with a funny and eclectic blend of writing gave me a Versetile Blogger Award!  In your FACE, Spelling Bee champ from fourth grade!  I’m special too!  (I think maybe hypno-regression is a bad idea, in retrospect…)

I have a whole host of blogs that I would like to acknowledge and pay it forward.  I will not check if they have less than 200 followers…I’m simply too lazy.  These are in no particular order.  But they are all blogs that I love and read, so let’s say they all are nominated for the Liebster award, yes?

Surviving the World  Hilarious photos and life lessons for your edification.
Red Means Go Anna’s life and drunken adventures.
Flourish in Progress My nicer, funnier, braver asian twin.
A Few French Fries Short of A Happy Meal Funny or disturbing.  You decide.
Coffee and Zombie Movies Just as much of an animal sucker and procrastinator as I am.
Bexster  First humor post I ever read was about landscaping the lady parts…
Main Street Musings Sophisticated chuckles on being an adult.
Just Making Convo Sarcasm and conversations and generally pointing the finger. At you.
Cynicism 101 My favorite teacher blog.  I am not alone…
Oh Noa She’s funnier than your grandma.
Doesn’t Speak Klingon Generally defies description
Lettuce be Clear pokes fun at the daily grind
The Mainland Bringing you the news.  Sort of.
Boggleton Drive Hilarity through grammar and cartoons
Your Stupid Advice If Dear Abby and Tosh O had a love child in blog form
I’m not Famous and Neither are You Sharing the oddities and awkward moments in life
PithyPants The title explains it perfectly, oddly enough

There are certainly more, but I gotta make my deadline tonight, so some time later I’ll go through the rest of my list of lovelies!


10 thoughts on “Phone It In? Moi?

  1. hahahaha you’re like me, and by that i mean extraordinarily lazy on getting around to writing blog-award-acceptance-chain posts haha. I know I had to have given you it at least a month ago, given my current slow rate of posts. I’ve got another one of my own that I need to at least mention somewhere but that was also like a month ago.

    PS: one of those final requests to ensure my profile is back to working correctly (I believe you saw the Help post last week), if you go to WordPress > Read Blogs > Following, do you see my newest one from today on that list? Typically I always see my own on there, but today nothing and this also gets me concerned. ughhhh hitting a 1yr mark apparently makes everything break like a shitty car

    • oh and of course nowwwwwww I can see it on the list…. I honestly think it’s because I once opened Edit but didn’t make any changes and it didn’t show up on the list so i had to Update it again for it to show up. stupidthingsthatwork

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