It’s Spring Break, Show Me Your Sheep!


I never quite had one of those wild spring breaks when I was a student.  You know, the ones where all the girls lift their tops and beer and beer vomit both spew in unending displays of par-tay.  I spent most of them either at home or at my apartment.  Really kinda sad, actually.  On the other hand, I was partying really hard overseas at the age of 15 in hedonistic displays that you see in rapper videos.  Or, you did see in rapper videos, when there were still music videos.  Was it illegal?  No…  Lets just say many other countries have very different drinking laws.  So it’s not like I didn’t ever party, I was just ahead of the curve.  But it did leave something missing from my college experience.

Now as a professor, I harbor a grudge against those who can have some super awesome spring break.  For a multitude of reasons that are generally petty, like not having the lack of responsibilities or 20-something level of spending money, and thus not being able to have one myself.  Yeah…Sue me.

But this spring break, I’ve decided I will not do school work.  I’ll just do school related work.  So I set aside the homework grading and looked at my own research.  Whoa!  Slow down!  Pace yourself!

Crazy, right?  Well, I felt like I needed to make a nod to the spring break traditions, so the hubby and I took a day and went to wine country.  Thats right, drinking adult style. Ever been bar hopping?  Try wine hopping.  They give you cheese and roasted almonds and frou frou crap to pair with the wine.  And for 10 bucks you can try a half cup of every type of wine they make.  Fantabulous.

But as I sipped on a few cabs and looked at the rolling hills beyond the winery, there’s something I did notice…sheep.  These beautiful vineyards had tons of sheep eating all the weeds between the rows.  They poop fertilizer, and you don’t have to empty a bag of grass afterwards.  GENIUS.

Being slightly buzzed, I decided that we should have a sheep.  It would make lawncare sooo much easier.  Not only that, I upped the stakes; I want  fainting sheep.  Fainting goats are awesome (go look one up) and hilarious, but fainting sheep would be great because when they fell over in a fake faint, their fluffy goodness would keep them well cushioned, thus relieving my guilt about clapping my hands to see them faint.  I built this future in my mind, and because of that pinot, demanded my husband make it so (Patrick Stewart voice included).

He was not convinced.  Sheep are big.  Well, I said, we’d get a miniature fainting sheep. People breed tiny ponies, so why not sheep?  Specifically, why not tiny fainting sheep?
He is still not convinced.  But I know I’m wearing him down.

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