Safety Signs Can Kill


I see stupid stuff all the time.  We all do.  I just happen to register it more than most people, which is not good for my blood pressure, I’m sure. We already know I have road rage. But (almost) nothing irks me more than a person or sign that chastises me while I’m driving.  In the midwest, it’s the signs that say I’m a sinner and going to hell if I use birthcontrol.  Those always annoy the heck outta me.  But driving outta wine country and back home, this one bugged me.  A lot.  Texting while driving is bad, no doubt.  I don’t answer my phone at all while in the car (many insurance companies will now ask to see your records if you get in a car crash of any sort, and if you were talking or texting, they won’t honor your claim.  Think on it, folks)

BUT, if you have a blinking sign you’re forcing me to read, is that ANY better?!

I had set this all up as an animated gif, but wordpress sucks once again.


6 thoughts on “Safety Signs Can Kill

  1. SHHHH!!! You don’t want to anger the WordPress gods. After all, they deem who gets Freshly Pressed, where everyone comments with a link to their crummy blog and vanishes, never to return to the site again.

    I kid, I kid.

    This in a .gif would be hilarious. I’m going to look into making one

    • I can get it to work everywhere BUT the post! It even shows up properly in the actual post window for editing, but not in the *actual* viewable post. Grrrr. If I vanish, you know why…

    • Ah, but you see, I comment on her posts, so she has a much better chance of getting freshly pressed. Everyone who interacts with me gets freshly pressed, except me…that is why i moved to my own server. WordPress can’t handle me.

      • Snicker. I just checked. Not Freshly Pressed. But if it does happen, I think you should start charging for comments. Not on MY blog though–I should be granfathered in since I thought of it…

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