OCD, Ordinary Cheese Dinner


I am not OCD, I am awesomely tidy.  My students think I’m ocd because I use hand santizer at the beginning of every class and wipe down the keyboard at my lecture station…but that’s because a) its so freaking gross every time I use it that my wetwipe turns grey, b) the other professor in that lab has a kid who is constantly sick and c) when you handle a lot of lab equipment, you can pick up germs easily, and as I’m still sick 3 months later, I don’t need to chase more trouble.  It’s a routine of mine, but my students snicker and call my ocd.  But I know it’s not ocd because I don’t do it anywhere else…But…

This week I did a thousand loads of laundry.  I reorganized our new fridge.  I cleaned and reorganized our pantry.  I reorganized and filtered my itunes playlists.  So, in retrospect, I did way too much busy work during spring break.  Now, if I was really ocd then I would do this stuff every day–it would never NEED tidying up.  But I roll up my sleeves and do it.  You would think I love cleaning.  I don’t.  I loathe having to clean.

Tonight I made a simple dinner–a grilled cheese sandwich and mac n cheese.  (We were watching the History Channel for some unfathomable reason, aka my husband has the remote, and the show was on the history of cheese.  GOD, I need a life. But back to mac and cheese…)  Now, if my husband made it, he would have: a spatula for the sandwich, the pan for the sandwich, a pot to boil the kraft in, a strainer for the water, another bowl to mix the cheese and milk in with another spoon to mix it, plus a spoon rest for the spatulas, plates for the food, etc.  Here’s what I did:

Booya!  I reduce the dishes I need to wash in half.  THAT is how much I hate cleaning.


5 thoughts on “OCD, Ordinary Cheese Dinner

  1. OMG, can you come round to my house after, and do all those things?? I sometimes wonder what it’s like to have a wife who cleans, reorganises and cooks…. not that my boyfriend never does those things, just mostly it’s me. How lovely to come home to a clean house and dinner involving cheese with more cheese (my desert island food)…

    • Snort. There was a point where my hubby was asking me NOT to clean, because I couldn’t clean AND not bitch about it being dirty to begin with…so the house is mostly clean but not perfect, and he cleans too. Sanity for us both…

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