Dogs and Personal Space


My husband was watching tv on the couch, laying down with a pillow.  Little boy decided to wiggle his way behind him and take a nap.  Start watching tv, and every once in a

a while I look to my side and watch the epic battle going on.  Little boy sleeping is sooooo cute it hurts.  His face gets all smooshy and he snores.  Which is adorable if I’m awake, and really annoying if I’m trying to get to sleep.  I tell hubby he’s not allowed to move.  This is intensely satisfying because it also means he can’t grab the remote and switch it over to some hill billy reality tv show, or an entire hour on the history of cheese.

We watch Top Chef.  I glance back over.  “You know,” the hubby says, “there’s a reason he doesn’t get to sleep in bed with us.”

How do dogs know how to passively take over space?  And this is just a pillow.  If he was in the bed, we’d both get to share 15%, and somehow our 25 pound puppy would take up the rest of the queen bed…


4 thoughts on “Dogs and Personal Space

  1. This is a true example of yesterday morning as proof:
    My lady and I were sleeping in bed. Then mighty Caesar, my boxer, woke me up at 5 to go to bathroom. Annoying but okay. At 6:30 he woke me up again (this isn’t subtle waking up … But literally climbing up on the side of the bed and pawing me in the face … He’s been a quick learner). So now I’m up at 630 and he can’t want to go out bc he just went out. I assume he wants to play and after trying to ignore the paw swipes to my chin for 30 min I angrily get up to start the day an hour earlier than desired … Very grumpy. Less than a minute later he’s climbed up in bed next to my girl and is sound asleep with his head on my pillow.
    That Bastard.

    Needless to say, she woke up later confused as to why Caesar is where I was.

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