Butt End of the Joke


The warm weather we’re having and the rain in the area has left our area with a flush creek and plenty of night walks for the puppy.  My old dog that died loved to sniff all the froggies, and when we were walking puppy tonight, I asked the hubby what he thought the first introduction would be like.

He guessed barking.

I guessed spazzy puppy play.

We were both wrong.  Dog Meets Frog=Sniffing Butt

PS: I can’t get my posts to show up in the reader.  Can anyone else see them???

One thought on “Butt End of the Joke

  1. ps to the ps: I apparently can see them in the Reader … though I haven’t used my laptop in ages so apparently there’s been at least 50 posts since i last looked at it.. but yours was there haha.

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