Yahooooo! See ya, suckas!


Everyone says that teachers have awesome jobs, because we have summers off.  And usually I say, “ha hal  See ya, Suckaaaaas!” just to rub it in a little.  But you know what?  Our vacation isn’t really a vacation, because there is no paycheck.  It is a contractually required furlough.  And we still work–I will be spending a good portion of the summer either writing up the lectures for a new class I’m teaching and/or doing my own research, which I am in fact required to continue and am reviewed on.  So I’m working…and not getting paid.  So it’s not all that, people.  But what it IS, is time where I ignore my email.  Time where I wear shorts and swimsuits and pajamas when I work.  And  That. Is. Awesome.

As of this evening, as this is being posted, I am finishing up the last of my grades.  I won’t be finished for another week or so, as I organize the lab, copy files, etc. But it’s so close I can taste it.  I have all the energy of superman.  I have my costume on under my professional attire, ready to rip it off at the last bell.  Well, there’s no bells in college, but you get the point.

So even though I’m not quite there yet, I’m already celebrating.  Celebrate with me!  Because I know next week I’ll be so unused to having no classes, no 60 hr work week that I will end up scrubbing the house top to bottom!  Woohoo!

3 thoughts on “Yahooooo! See ya, suckas!

  1. Aw, now you’ve shattered my hopes that someone, somewhere, was living the ‘paid vacation’ dream…. perhaps it depends on the age group you are teaching? I can’t imagine there’s a ton of grading of four-year old’s macaroni collages, but what do I know. I am going back to university next September, and was thinking after doing my Masters I may get my teaching qualifications so I can be a smug asshole to the full time employed too. Now I see my lofty dreams are unattainable, boohoo!!!

    Curious though: don’t you get unemployment if it is an unpaid time period?? How do you survive? How do they have the cheek to review you on work you do when you aren’t on their payroll? I feel like we should start a petition. So people get paid for work. Revolutionary, I know.

    Also: sixty hour work week??? Good god, how are you still sane??

    • You don’t get unemployment because it is seen as a contractually obligated furlough. That is the kind of language used, and that’s pretty standard. I just squirrel away a certain amount of my paycheck to cover the summer months, but it does mean I’m never loose and fancy free with my cash.

      As far as how they check, it’s part of your tenure/teaching review. I’ve got tenure, but they still review what you’ve published regularly. Tenure doesn’t mean you can’t be fired, btw, it just means you are guaranteed a review board before you’re axed. If you want teaching qualifications, I guess you mean it’s k-12, you can do that on the job–most states will allow that. And it’ll save you some cash.

      And you make assumptions. I never said I was sane. BWAAA HAAA HAA.

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