I Am A Rat Bastard


Its one of those amazing nights where I’m actually tired before 2 am and therefore I’m going to bed.  Because I am a complete slacker and as a teacher I feel extreme justice in turning the tables, I haven’t planned ahead with something for you here.  So I drew you a cartoon instead. Even though I draw myself as a rat, I would still wear clothing for modesty.  But I’m a rat, so it’s just some rags tied together.  Honestly, it wouldn’t be pink, but maybe rats are colorblind and I wouldn’t know.  That sounds better than I was too tired to actually pick a different color. I am aware I have not lived up to my standards, which makes me a rat-bastard, but you’re reading this anyways, aren’t you?

At the same time, the reason you have this cartoon is because I also feel too guilty not turning up anything at all.  So while my five second drawing sucks, it really isn’t that far off from my regular ones.  You’re welcome.

Lets hope I don’t wake myself up by brushing my teeth.  If I do, I’m the sucker, not you.  But you’ll get to hear my whine about it here.  Go read my last funny yet terribly judgemental post about boy vs man vs women porn.  If you hit the like button, I promise not to call you a perv.


3 thoughts on “I Am A Rat Bastard

  1. Feel free to call me a perv. And I don’t necessarily think you’re a rat-bastard. Isn’t possible that you’re some kind of rodent who was born into wedlock? Keep your options open, I say.

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