Summer Ennui


It seems that I have a bit of a problem.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m not constantly barraged by annoyances at school, if I’m just so damned tired from the school year that I don’t have the energy, or if my general lack of stats has me down, but each week this summer I’ve been squeeeezing to find material for two days of posts.  Sunshine and sleep and lots of reading seems to have this effect on me:

I swear I’ll post at least once a week, but I’m going to wing it for the second one each week.  I know you’ll be crossing your fingers that something really shitty and miserable happens to me that becomes blog worthy, but that’s kinda mean.  I’m not sure if we’re friends, now.  Jeez.

Write me a good blog topic suggestions.  I double dog dare you.

5 thoughts on “Summer Ennui

  1. I’ve had a case of the blahs lately. I blogged about it, too. When I get the blahs, though, I don’t get the mileage I’ve been working so hard on (2000 miles walked around Portland is my goal for this year). I’m falling a bit behind. 😦

      • Yep. I started May 7th, which means I needed to walk approximately 8.4 miles every day to make the goal. Because of my blahs, I now need to walk 9. Days like I did today, where I walk over 13 miles help. I think I’m going to have to do a bunch of those this summer, since it’s nice to have a day off now and again and just embrace the blahs!

        I’m doing the walk to raise awareness of chronic kidney disease and what it’s like to live on dialysis. My husband is on dialysis (has been since 2010), and he just got word that they are going to do the evaluation to see if he can get a transplant. Yay! If the docs give the go ahead, they’ll put him on the transplant list and he could have a new kidney in the next year or two!

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