It’s My Party, my ridiculously small party


It always sucked having summer birthdays.  Everyone I knew was gone for the summer on amazing trips, so no big parties.  Not that my family could really afford a brilliant party anyways.  I don’t know what I was thinking…I wasn’t the most popular kid around (imagine an 8 yr old with my cynicism.  Yeah.)  So the idea of having a ton of people to a party was unrealistic to begin with, let alone my folks spending the kind of money the adult me knows would take to pull off the decorations in my head.  I think I was mainly about the birthday presents.  More people=more presents.  This theory continued to prevail all through elementary.

As it was the next year my dad took a new job.  So I missed my 13th birthday because we were moving.  With this new job, my dad racked up the airline points, so we traveled summers for free.  We were traveling on a 23 hr flight for my 14th birthday.  They simply forgot my 15th birthday, as we were jetlagged in asia.    I think I was puking into a paper bag on a plane the next birthday.  Things generally went downhill from there, so is it any wonder I still crave that birthday bash a kid dreams of?

Even if I did get it, I wouldn’t fit into that dream dress that goes with it.  Ah, age.  The great killer of dreams.

I still hold to my party-present theory, you know.  It’s legit.  Scientific, even.


5 thoughts on “It’s My Party, my ridiculously small party

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve never had a Party in all my life. ALL of it. My reason was my family were poor. 15 children didn’t help. I hope one day that your dreams come true and you have a huge party with lots of guests (More pressies). 🙂

  2. I think you’ve been robbed. Birthday parties attribute to 50% of a person’s self worth*. You simply MUST be the center of attention for at least one full day.

    … though I’m sure you got some attention puking into that bag.

    *I can’t guarantee that statistic is accurate.

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