Drinking on the job


Okay, I have to disrupt my normal crappy cartooning for this next bit (aka rant) out of left field…what the hell is going on with vodka ads?  I guess because it takes like nothing mixed with a mild burning sensation, you can’t really use that as a great selling point, but some of this stuff is ridiculous.  First of all, this commercial filled with nonfunctioning machines that women pump seductively really makes me think that someone might have been doing acid when they thought this up.

Forget that it looks mostly phallic. Or not.

Then you step into the sexual subtlety of a thirteen year old with two girls sucking down cherries.  Which makes me think these are daytripping thirteen year old marketers:

Seriously? This is the best you could do?

Then I think I might be misreading things when another brand pops up, showing a slightly more planned out fluffy orgy, complete with sucking down marshmallows.

This is more palatable.  Har, Har.

But then I see this next commercial, which I really hate beyond belief.  Not only do we have to sell sex for our vodka, but…robot sex?  So maybe these are high, thirteen year old boys who think they have better chances with a mechanical ride (ahem) and have to make it with big boobies and butt.  Sure.

Just in case you can’t read it, it says “the future of adult entertainment”.

I’m tired of everything using sex instead of the attributes of their product.  I remember life before alcohol ads, and before drug ads.  I liked those days a helluva lot better.  But I know the lobbyists will never allow those laws back into place.  And I know a lot of people have tivo, thank goodness.  But here is where I draw the line folks.  Enough with this shit:


ANY ad that not only sells sex, but sells rape needs to be taken off the market.  No joke.  Not funny.  Not cool.



5 thoughts on “Drinking on the job

  1. “Belvedere goes down smoothly”

    *choking on my rage* I…can’t….even…begin to…speak…

    Ugh. That last ad seriously pisses me off. What was the Belvedere marketing department THINKING?

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