The title references an old SNL skit, for you young whipper snappers.
I didn’t post last week. That might mean I’m going to hell, but I doubt it.  I’m having a really bad month.  I buried one of my immediate family members, to start.  And when I came back to work, I found a mountain of work that no one else picked up, so since I’ve been back I’ve worked solid through the weekends.  I still haven’t processed everything that’s happened because I’m so busy, and late at night I get really upset when I think of small things.  Like when was the last time I remember getting or giving a hug to my recently deceased?  How do I save my last, five second voicemail from them so I don’t forget the sound of their voice?

I had a co-worker who told me that it will take an entire year to grieve.  I promise I won’t be gone that long, but I’m having a hard time finding something funny to write about, and I’m still working almost 24-7 in catch-up mode.  Give me another week or two.  Next week I’ll repost or link to some of my very first posts that you probably haven’t read.  Then I’ll be back with something that annoys me or I find funny in all the wrong ways.  Hopefully by then I’ll stop crying when I drive in the car and forget to distract myself with music.  I’m pretty sure I look like one of those crazy girls, the ones that guys in movies are glad to take home and then scared to death of because then the girls think they are “soul mates” and take everyone on the psycho train?*

Well, Until then, hug your family for me.
*I don’t care that sentence was a grammatical nightmare.


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