Here’s an old post as promised. This one still holds true. EVERY WEEK. I need more sleep…

Funny or Tragic

I don’t sleep.  I have insomnia.  And before some jackass says “oh, you must get soooo much done,” think about how YOU get after pulling an all-nighter.  Do YOU feel like doing work, cleaning the kitchen, or anything useful?  It’s all I can do to stop myself from ordering a pizza.

I still try to go to bed.  If I actually fall asleep, I’ll stay asleep.  Of course my husband likes to go to bed at a ridiculously early hour (anything before midnight), and so I try to go to bed with him.  You know, for solidarity, ritual, to be supportive.  Of course, after already being awake for three days, you tend to get slap happy and good intentions go out the door.

Some times he senses me right away.  Sometimes it takes a while.  That’s one thing that insomnia gives you in large quantities: time.  If the stare down…

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