Lifting the mental fog…via stupid comments


I was discussing equipment and procedures with my class when some little twit asked why we didn’t have the very best of the best for the lab, and wouldn’t that be more cost effective.  It was really phrased as criticism, and I know for a fact this particular person spends money like it’s water, assuming if they have the best of the best, they are the best.  You know the type–they buy a 100K sports car and then call themselves a professional race car driver?  That type.

It set my eye to twitching.  Because first, no, it’s not cost effective.  Especially when the equipment is for student use and half of them are so spastic they break everything they touch.  Second, the high end stuff would break our yearly budget with one order.  Third…I’m just annoyed because I’m still exhausted and drained and this douchecanoe is not thinking before they speak.  As usual.

I must admit, I did give a very candid answer that might have included an incredulous look and a sharp retort.  It was totally in line with what I think on a daily basis, but totally out of character for what I actually say.  Sigh.  I’m still a bit emotional, it seems.    A bit sarcasm and derision gets anyone out of their funk, right?

But seriously.  If every department in every college got to spend money willy nilly (like, oh, the military) we’d be spending like crazy just to make sure we get the same amount the following year.  And though not having a fabulous budget sucks, I think it is probably better than the opposite…

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