Unwelcome Realization: Eww factor


I know I’ve told you all about satanspawn trying to kill me from gingivitus…she hides in the sink when I try to clean my hands, brush my teeth, wash my face…

I always clean my house before company, but some things are daily chores–doing dishes, making the bed, etc.  I wipe up my sinks every day, mostly getting rid of pawprints and cat hair.  But I was glancing down at my bathroom on Thanksgiving before I had guest over, and I realized they might leave just from the eww factor. Because kitteh has black hair, and likes to hang out on the toilet or in the sink. All the time.  Especially right after I try to clean it. She is trying to break me.  I know it.

The Eww Factor, as illustrated below.

I clean.  I clean well–I clean baseboards, doorknobs, windows, I soak my faucets in CLR…the whole nine yards.  My house doesn’t smell like litter because it’s scooped every day.  Dude, I even sweep my garage.  I don’t mind any of it.  But I think I’ve wasted years of my life, minute by minute, cleaning up pet hair.  It is futile.  I’m wondering if I should just shave my pets and be done with it…


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