Back to the Grind


I am soooo glad I had the winter break.  I needed it to rest, get my head wrapped around my family loss (I’ve been running ragged ever since the funeral) and generally have the chance to be antisocial.  Which I consider necessary to semester; I need a chance to not give a crap before I can actually give a crap.  Ah, the human mind.

The one thing that ruins my holiday recovery faster than anything is the school parking lot.  THere are too many students in too few spaces, and jackass drivers drop off their roommates in the aisle, blocking traffic.  Worst, the sneaky soccer moms who park in the too-few faculty spaces force me to hunt for a space elsewhere.  I notice.  I give them the stink eye and wish for the parking enforcement to come by.  So I always get there at least an hour and a half early just to find a spot.  Uuuugh.

But this semester the gods were kind.  All hail the parking gods.



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