Unwelcome Realization: I Win?


unwelcombannerIt’s late at night, and evil kitteh is sitting next to me quietly.  She’s napping.  Like a normal cat.  She has not chewed through one of my power cords in a month.  Which is like a millennium in evil kitteh world.  Not only that, she’s purring.  Next to me.

I’ve been doing a new ritual out of of sheer stubbornness.  I let evil kitteh out of her room in the morning (I love evil, but I don’t sleep well with evil) and before I feed her, I pick her up and brush her.  THere was about 2 months of serious skin gouges, but I continued because evil gets matted fur.  Then there was 2 more months of hissing, mewling and biting the brush, but not me.  Better.  Now she barely whines about it. I’m sure the immediate full belly evil gets has something to do with my continued health.

AND, I pick her up and pet her.  I always have, but I used to get bitten for my trouble.  Now she patiently waits for me to put her down.  But my husband can’t brush her.  Or pet her.  Or carry her.  He still gets bitten.  Not in a mean, need stitches way, but in that cat way that clearly states he’s doing it wrong.  And whenever he sits too close, she pushes at him with a paw. I have decided that he just doesn’t have the consistency to be be boss of any of our pets.  To our dog he is beta.  I am alpha.  And to evil kitteh, I am tolerated.

It was this evening when she was purring from merely being in my presence that I realized I had won.  Evil kitteh had been mastered.  Not out of sweetness, out of sheer determination not to be killed.  Which really means that I am…the master of evil?  AM I THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS?!!!

That would make grading homework SO much easier.



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