Identity Crisis


I want a haircut.  I’m getting to that point where I want to walk into any Supercuts and just let them hack at it so I have a change.  Which I would never actually do because I know how badly that goes.  I’ve been saving pictures I find of hairstyles I like, too.  But I’m still gunshy.  Any time I pick out a style, I might walk out of the salon happy, only to realize the true horror the next day after my shower; there is no way in hell I can recreate whatever the stylist did, and I am SCREWED.








5 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. Funny. My wife doesn’t like to fuss with her hair, so gets it cut in “long layers”. She only has to wash it and brush it and no one can even tell that it didn’t take an hour to fix. I hope that helps; that’s all I got. 😉

  2. I’m always afraid of getting new haircuts too. My probably is once in awhile I will get a haircut I *really* like, but then when it’s time to get it done again I’ll try to explain it so the stylist can recreate it, but it never comes out the same again. Almost like the haircut never existed at all… sigh.

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