Sometimes, There Is No Overkill


It’s hot and over 108 degrees (42 celsius for logical countries) and nasty out.  It’s just going to be one of those summers.  But I’m sooooo glad to be out of school I decided to make lemonade, so to speak, and bought a cheap baby pool and a new bikini.  The plan was to pretend my husband was a cabana boy bringing me tropical drinks instead of CapriSun, and really get my summer groove on, since I need this break so desperately.  Mother nature had other plans.

spider1 spider2

This was a HUGE black widow.  And I know that spiders usually stay in pairs, and I didn’t see the other one.  spider3 spider5In the end, I went back inside and read on the couch.



One thought on “Sometimes, There Is No Overkill

  1. Awesome:)…. I would do the same thing! Wouldn’t even probably care if a lady par came out….. You saved so many people…. You’re basically a hero:)

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