An Ode to Burts Bees


When my Burts Bees ran out I found
there was no more cocoa shimmer around.
I hunted the Walmart and the drugstore,
and then online learned it was no more!
I emailed your site and asked what was your game
to find that you were only being lame.
You tossed this color to the side
so you could make more profits far and wide.
You say you will not bring it back
even though many customers decry the lack.
You suggested I try my luck
with Peony or Watermelon or Fig, but they suck.
All your washed out pinky tones make me cry,
so without Cocoa you can kiss my money goodbye.


You see, THIS is why I’m not allowed to have days without any need to sleep like a normal person.  I get all crazy about the little things because I have energy to burn. Instead of just writing a complaint about burts bees, I write poems, sonnets, a rhyming bitchfest.  If you are also annoyed at the lack of Cocoa lip shimmer, feel free to post my poem on their website or on amazon.  I’m still upset that hubba bubba got rid of their sugar free peppermint gum, which lasted longer and chewed smoother that the regular.  It’s been over 2 years and I still can’t get over it.

bubbleyumI may have issues.



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