On Growing Apart


This has happened a handful of times to me, starting in 3rd grade when I moved a few blocks away. I don’t like to make a fuss, a big scene. What good can that do?  I wonder if anyone else goes through the same process. I assume I’m not alone, but I thought this might explain the stages of my slow, quiet exit.

Sometimes, you are as happy as you can be with a companion.

You might tug every once in a while, but you’re only doing what seems natural.


And everything seems fine.

Then you notice that you don’t get the same response. You wonder if you’re doing something wrong.

You make contact best you can, with no response. You try to compensate the best you can.

Then you try to ignore it, hoping some space will bring you both back together. But it isn’t the same.
You realize how hard it is to hold on. You think they don’t even notice your effort. Or that maybe they don’t care.

Eventually, you quietly bow to the inevitable.  You let go.
balloon7Goodbye, Friend.


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