Death and Taxes


I don’t own a house.  I don’t have kids.  I work my ass off, but I don’t get any of the tax write offs most people have.  And being from the first generation not to do better than their parents, a generation raised in one recession to become adults in another, with soul gouging college loan prices and predatory marketing to attack us inbetween, I’m very aware of the middle class trappings I can’t afford.

I get cranky about it come tax time.  And before you start misquoting something historical (I have issues with those who don’t know their history but use it as a soundbite in arguments) it’s not the federal government I’m loathing tax time. It’s state.  It’s ALWAYS state.  And I don’t see better schools, law enforcement, or community growth from my local government. They just seem interested in putting in traffic cameras to rake in more revenue. And totally gouging me come tax time. Bitter much, you ask?  Well, I’m trying to do my state taxes without grinding my teeth when I see this pop up on the list of deductions in my state:

Screen shot 2014-03-08 at 11.47.51 PM

What the hell is this? I remember the Ottoman Empire being from the 1300s!?  I look it up on google.  When the Ottoman empire weakened, Russia attacked.  But Armenians in Turkey took the side of Russians, so they were expelled from the country, or killed.  In 1915.  If you are an Armenian descendent and received settlement payments, you can take the deduction.  I know it is serious and horrible stuff, but it was almost 100 years ago…I’m thinking maybe it shouldn’t be on the list of regular deductions anymore.  Maybe a footnote on another page.  I dunno if it should be there at all.

And while there are lots of respectful arguments I could make my first thought was that ANY deduction an uber rich Kardashian gets to take should be taken off the books.

Just saying.


One thought on “Death and Taxes

  1. If you don’t like taxes, don’t feel too bad about not owning a house. I never understood why people complained about property taxes so much until I got my property tax bill. It’s *insane* how high it is.

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