These are the awards I’ve gotten.  The first is the Versatile Blogger Award from Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind .  Which is just really giving me license to bitch as much as I want about a wide variety of topics.  Yay me.

Then I got another from For Better Genius!  I was given the Liebster Blog Award.  Which just proves that misery does in fact, love company.

Then Lettucebeclear gave me the Kreative Blogger award.  Which proves she is infact crazy.

And Doesn’t Speak Klingon gave me the Sweet Blog award.  Me? Sweet?  The greedy sack of girl that I am, I’ll take it.

But just like you can’t have a few doritos and call it a day, I thought I would put a few others up here that prove just how fabulous I am.

I got first place in our 4th grade poetry contest for some rhyming poem I made about cats.  I admit some of the rhyming words were stolen from other poems.  Which just goes to show what a slacker my teacher was.

I also won second place in intramural softball in 5th grade.  I quit a year later because my dad was the coach and kept picking on me as the example of what not to do.  Loudly.  I think he turned purple when I quit, especially since he had to coach.  What about the team, he asked.  Don’t let your team down.  This was not the approach to take with me, the middle child.  What the hell had being a team player ever gotten me at home?  Just hand me down clothes, an inferiority complex and the smallest piece of cake whenever we had dessert.  Screw that.

I also graduated both undergrad and grad school Magna Cum Laude.  I got a nifty little sticker on my diploma, which is still rolled up somewhere in my home office.  I don’t have it on my office wall, because if you need physical proof for your students that you know more than they do, you aren’t mocking them enough.


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